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The seminarians have cause for rejoicing, as they depart today after their last morning class for Thanksgiving break.  I am sure they have been looking forward to some relaxing time with their families, and a little time away from studies, as the end of the semester concludes on December 20.  As they are leaving for their vacation, our monks on mission are arriving on campus in time for our community meetings that begin this afternoon.

This morning, it is picture day for the monks!  Some might recall those traumatic bad hair days, awkward family photos, or the grade school days when you were not exactly sure how your picture turned out until your proofs arrived in the mail.  Fortunately, digital photography has eliminated some of the surprise element (and hopefully the need for retakes).  The monks will don their finest black habits and pose for the photographer.


We wanted to update our individual portraits, which are displayed in two large frames—one as you enter St. Raphael Hall, and the other just outside the Basilica.  These picture boards are important for our guests, so they can learn the names of the monks, and be able to distinguish the “Fathers” from the “Brothers.”