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This is the best time of year to snap photos of the sunlight illuminating the buildings and streaming in through the windows.  It turned out to be another beautiful day; not a bad way to start December.

The seminarians in our college return this evening from Thanksgiving break. Tomorrow is business as usual, but we certainly had great weekend weather to enjoy.






When I saw how nice the weather was, and that there was very little wind, I took my bicycle out.  There are 24 wind generators in the area, and it is a rare instance like today that they were completely still, not even a slow turn.  For the cyclist, no wind that means great cycling weather.  Thinking that the bike season was over, I took advantage of it with an 18 mile ride this afternoon.  The monks have various recreational interests and things to do to relax on a Sunday.

“So that in all things God may be glorified.” (Rule of St. Benedict, ch. 57)