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I am assigned for the week as the chaplain to the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, in Clyde, Missouri.  Each week a different priest from the Abbey is assigned to celebrate the morning Eucharist in their main chapel.  It is just a short two-mile drive over to the Sisters’ monastery, but this week the weather has been very cold, so it is not long enough of a trip to allow the car to warm up.  But, the cold is always counterbalanced by the warm hospitality of the sisters and their absolutely beautiful chapel.  The sisters are a joyful group and it was one of my favorite places to celebrate Mass.
The morning sun rises in the east, as the wind generators turn in the cold winter breeze.
20131210-100302.jpg 20131208-183825.jpg
The inside of their chapel is absolutely stunning. The walls are adorned with mosaics from the scenes of the life of Jesus and Mary, while statues decorate the main part of the nave, and Christ the High Priest hovers above the altar. The choir stalls display intricate carving and skilled craftsmanship from years long ago.