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This posting was submitted by Br. Bernard Montgomery, O.S.B., a monk of Conception Abbey.  Br. Bernard has several monastic job assignments, but he contributes this entry in his role as Abbey Archivist.


I became archivist of the Abbey in November of 2009.  I am responsible for the day to day oversight and work of collecting and preserving.  I also make available to others the materials that illustrate the history, lifestyle and activities of the monastery, its members, and those whom the monastery has served over the years in its schools, parishes and missions.


It is my duty to maintain a file on each professed member of the community which contains information concerning the monk’s background, his job assignments through the years, and records of major milestones in his life.

I respond to inquiries from people who are doing research on individual members of the community or who are, more typically, researching some aspect of the missionary work of the community.  It has been a rewarding part of this assignment to assist others in these research efforts.