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The schedule in the monastery for Tuesdays after Vespers changes a bit from the typical day. After prayer, the monks occasionally have a community conference, which is usually given by the Abbot.  Then we have what we call, “Haustus.” Haustus comes from the Latin verb (Haurio, Haurire, Hausi, Haustus) meaning “to draw up” or “drink.” The monks have refreshments and appetizers before the main meal. On this evening, Compline (Night prayer) is prayed privately. All of the monks who work in the Seminary are in attendance for the meal.  There is more time in the evening to visit with the brethren and even play some games in the coffee room, as some of us did tonight.

Below:  Postulant Eric and I engage in a fierce battle of wits and patience in Abalone.  It is a turn-based strategy game that plays out with one player controlling the black or white marbles.  It has the feel and tension of a game like Chess.
Below:  Competition steps up a notch and time elapses as Postulant Eric contemplates his next move.
Below: The usual group of card players join in a friendly game of pitch.
Below:  Or, for the faith of heart, you can always pull up a chair and visit.  Fr. Quentin and Br. Michael partake in an engaging theological conversation or something.