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Sunday evening we pulled into the drive at Conception just before 10:30pm.  It was a long and arduous journey from Mundelein, Illinois, particularly due to the duration of the drive (close to 8 hours) and the unpleasant weather.  I led the group, driving in the car, followed by two vans and a suburban full of seminarians.  We had stopped for dinner in Des Moines, before finishing out the last leg of the trip.  The wind was terrible the entire way, and it took energy just to make sure the car stayed on the road.  But, fortunately we arrived safely.

The seminarians played their last basketball game in Mundelein at 10:00am against Holy Cross (Notre Dame).  Conception’s Coach, Skip Shear, worked some of the substitute players into the rotation a bit more during this game.  It was good to see a variety of players not accustom to much game time get in and contribute to the 30-17 win over Holy Cross, which secured 3rd place.  Kenrick-Glennon Seminary lost to Sacred Heart in the championship by 1 point.  It was good to see our men finish the tournament with a victory, a tournament in which they played excellent defense and executed well, despite being undersized.  Congratulations CSC!