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Yesterday afternoon I traveled 45 minutes to St. Joseph, Missouri to attend the St. James School Vocation Day.  I represented the monks and monastic life on a panel which included a diocesan priest, a religious sister, and a married couple.  We had three sessions:  the first included 1st and 2nd graders, then 3rd-5th graders, and finally 6th-8th grade kids.  The youngest kids were very funny.  After we introduced ourselves, there was the opportunity for questions.  They were started asking questions that began, “What’s your favorite _________?”  They began cheering depending on how well they liked our answers.  What’s your favorite football team?  What’s your favorite food?  What is your favorite color?  Who is your favorite saint?  Do you like playing with Legos?  Do you know my Mom?

Most monks find it difficult to explain to their Catholic friends what a monk really is and does, so finding the proper vocabulary for young kids is always challenging.  Ultimately, what we tried to communicate is the fact that God has a plan or vocation for each and every person, and you can only come to discover that call through prayer and being attentive to how God is working in your life.  We never know what type of impact we may have on others, so we try to be the best witnesses possible.

This morning I worked on sending out to various newspapers an article that I wrote (and pictures) about the Seminary Basketball Tournament.  I think it is good to communicate the different activities in which the monks and seminarians are involved. This Friday is our S.O.S. Event in Kansas City.  The “Support Our Seminarian” dinner and auction benefits Conception Seminary College, the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, and the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.  I am putting together the picture slideshow for the event.  I anticipate it will be an enjoyable endeavor, though all good things come with their share of work.  Additionally, I am making sure all is in place for the Spring 2014 issue of Tower Topics, which I will be working on intensively during the next month.