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Today we celebrated the Presentation of the Lord with a candle procession at the beginning of Mass.  We had about 20 Benedictine Prioresses from all over the United States joining us for Mass, lunch, and Day Prayer.  I visited and ate lunch with a few of the Sisters in our guest refectory and enjoyed a pleasant conversation.

Yesterday we had about 4 inches of snow fall (Just when you thought it was going away!).  It sounds like there is more in the forecast for Tuesday.  While it was snowy today, the sun came out and it turned out to be a nice day after all.  Of course, with camera in hand, I took a few pictures while strolling around the “neighborhood.”

Though I am a monk, I am still a sports fan, and I am always interested in the Superbowl and other major sporting events.  I do not really have any vested interest in either team tonight, which is probably the best.  The monks have Vespers at 5:30pm, followed by supper, and Compline at 7:15pm.  So, for us, it is business as usual, and prayer takes precedence even over nationwide entertainment.  The seminarians will have a Superbowl Party in the Alumni Union in St. Maur Hall.




Here a a few pictures from the S.O.S. Event from Friday evening in Kansas City.  It was an excellent benefit dinner for our seminarian and the two Kansas City dioceses.  I really enjoyed getting to meet the people who support us so generously.

740_IMG_2077 740_IMG_2096 740_IMG_2149 740_IMG_2187

Above:  A picture of my “boss” Polly and I helping out at the registration desk.740_IMG_2285 740_IMG_2331

Above:  Abbot Gregory speaks to the group gathered for supper.
Below:  The seminarians present at the event gather onstage.740_IMG_2340