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Date of profession (simple vows): August 15, 2002
Ordination Date: May 21, 2009
Place of Birth: St. Mary’s Hospital, Quincy, IL
High School: St. Thomas Aquinas High School Seminary
College & Degree: Conception Seminary College:  BA, Liberal Arts
Post-graduate work/Theology: Mount Angel Seminary – MDiv, MA, STB
Current monastic assignments: seminary formation director, seminary Apostolics Director, seminary art instructor, artist and text writer for Printery House
Notable achievements/works: Several icons I have painted have been reproduced both at the Printery House and on book covers.
Hobbies/interests: Iconography, art, watching movies, reading art history and biographies, reading novels, making humorous films with the freshmen for Freshman Talent Night
Three adjectives that describe you: mellifluous, creative, bearded
Hidden Talent: I am remarkably accurate guessing a person’s weight and height
Favorite book: “The Power and The Glory” by Graham Greene
Place you would like to travel/vacation: Bruges, Belgium
Name of a famous person you would like to meet: Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite movie: Lost in Translation
Favorite sport to watch: World’s Strongest Man Competition
Name some websites you visit daily: andrewgrahamdixon.com; weather.com; youtube.com; vatican.va
What is a phrase you say often: “Please use your inside voice.”
Reason for choosing your monastic name: St. Pachomius is the father of communal monasticism, first to write a rule for monks, and so I figured there was no one better to have. Plus, I really did want a name that made it obvious that I was a monk – not like Brother Kip, or something. I had heard of St. Anthony but never Pachomius, and after reading his biography I found many similarities to my own life. After discerning the name with my novice master and praying about it, it seemed like the saint was choosing me.