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Everyone had a strange feeling when they stepped outside this morning– it actually felt warm.  I know that “warm” is a relative term, but to be outside, see the glorious sunrise, and not have to wear a coat, how can you not raise your mind and heart to God?



When I saw the temperature this afternoon, I knew I had to get outside on the bicycle.  It was only my second ride outside this year, but the first time I did not have to wear my biking jacket.  It was just short sleeves, fresh air, and pavement.20140310-201510.jpg20140310-201228.jpg

Out on the road, nothing but my own thoughts and the rolling hills.20140310-201243.jpg

In the end, it turned out to be 20 miles in just over one hour.  Fortunately there was very little wind, which is a rare case out in northwest Missouri.  It was just good to see monks, seminarians, and guests outside and enjoying themselves.  The fresh air and sunshines does wonders for the spirit.20140310-201256.jpg

The sun sets on a beautiful day.  Having prayed Compline (night prayer), we can gladly rest with hearts filled with gratitude.20140310-202446.jpg