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A monk-priest is assigned to be chaplain to the Sisters of Clyde every week.  One celebrates the Mass in the main chapel at 7:30am, and a different priest is assigned to Our Lady of Rickenbach (OLR), where their elderly and infirm sisters reside.  Mass at OLR is at 11:00am each day.  I am assigned to celebrate Mass with the sisters.  Many of the sisters in OLR are advanced in years, but it is a great witness of lives dedicated to Jesus Christ.  Some of the sisters have been professed over 60 or 70 years!

Above:  A drive to Clyde on this sunny day, rounding the bend near their front entrance.
Below:  Continuing around the bend, you find the side entrance pointing you to OLR.


Above:  The Sisters’ chapel is well lit with the blinds opened.20140312-132514.jpg