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Yesterday evening a group of us younger monks invited the four college students from Iowa State to play some games with us.  We started out with the dice game, LCR (Left, Center, Right).  Then, we shifted to some more high-energy games like Pit.

Below:  Fr. Jon watches the action, everyone trying to corner the market in a game of Pit.
740_IMG_4518 740_IMG_4523 740_IMG_4538 740_IMG_4565

After a few games of Pit, we restored the calm in the room and played LCR.  Everyone had a great time.740_IMG_4570

Fr. Jon was still getting over yesterday afternoon’s racquetball game.  He and I played four games of racquetball.  He said, “I am fine with losing to a Jesuit, Dominican, or Franciscan, but not a Benedictine.”  Sometimes the monks have to teach diocesan priests a lesson in humility!