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The seminarians departed yesterday after their last afternoon class for their “long off-campus weekend.” We wish them safe travels and a relaxing break. They will return Sunday evening. I am finding plenty to do in the office, after a high energy youth retreat last weekend.  I am finishing the layout and design for the Encounter with God’s Call booklets.  The Encounter retreat is a discernment retreat for young men considering diocesan priesthood.  Conception Seminary College often hosts around 100 young men from various dioceses for the spring semester Encounter.  The booklets will be printed at the Printery House just in time for the discernment weekend, which takes place April 5-7.  Below is the cover of the booklet.


This weekend the monastery is welcoming three men for the Monastic Experience weekend.  The participants will pray with the monks, hear different talks on monastic life, and get to spend time socializing with the community.  I am pretty excited about meeting these men and hosting them for the weekend.  Please pray that the weekend goes well.  I will keep you updated on how the weekend goes.

It’s a fairly cloudy day today, but comfortable and in the 50’s.  Around 2:30pm, we had a combination of rain and very small hail that fell.  It did not last very long, but came on rather strongly.  It should in the 70’s and windy on Sunday, so I am looking forward to getting outside this weekend.