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Last week I finished the Spring 2014 issue of our publication, “Tower Topics,” and we sent it off to our Printery House on Monday. It is always a good feeling to have another issue of Tower Topics complete and ready to be printed.  We are fortunately that the printing can be done here on campus, it is the benefit of having our own Press.  Tower Topics is printed on the old 4-color press, which uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to print.

I have to approve the spreads to see if the color closely matches our proof.  This Saturday morning, I went down to approve another sheet.  The Printery House does have a digital press, but the 4-color press is better for high volumes.  We are printing about 29,000 copies of each issue of Tower Topics!  It is quite the project.  The Press takes 11 hours to print the spread.  They anticipate they will have all of the printing done on Wednesday or Thursday, and then it can be taken to Kansas City to be collated.

If you subscribe to Tower Topics, it will hit your mail boxes in a few weeks!



Below:  The proofs before they are trimmed.20140329-102416.jpg