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It is the fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as “Laetare Sunday,” and we have much reason to rejoice.  This weekend we invited three men for a Monastic Experience discernment retreat.  The weekend began Friday evening with Vespers with the monastic community.  Throughout the retreat, the participants heard talks by various monks and even had the chance to join the community in choir and in the monastic refectory for Saturday supper and breakfast on Sunday morning.  Saturday evening several of the young monks attended a social where we visited and played various card games and the like.

It was great having these men here and to be able to share the joy of our life in common.  For more information regarding future Monastic Experience retreats or to make an individual visit, please contact Fr. Paul

Below:  Br. Bernard talks to the participants about the Rule of St. Benedict and monastic formation.

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Below:  Abbot Gregory talks about the role of the Abbot in the community and Lectio Divina.
Below:  Game night and a social with the monks.