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Each Saturday the Prior (Fr. Daniel) posts a new list of assignments goes on the monastery bulletin board. It lists anything from who is celebrating Mass during the week, to the bell ringer, to table waiters. There are “house” (monastery) assignments, and these assignments begin Saturday afternoon and continue throughout the week. Also, for the priests of the community, there are pastoral assignments, which often list who is celebrating Mass at the Newman Center in Maryville, for example.

Last week I was assigned to celebrate Mass for the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (Clyde, MO).  Mass at Clyde is at 7:30am, where the conventual Mass in the Abbey Basilica is at 11:45am.  The earlier Mass time was a nice change of pace, as was the different environment and congregation.


It was nice driving over in the morning, just as the sun is rising in the east.  However, the past few days have been rather cloudy and rainy, but today is very sunny.

Below:  The beautifully decorated apse and sanctuary at Clyde.  How could you not enjoy celebrating Mass in this holy place?


Farewell to the sisters!  It was an enjoyable week in their company.  They are such a joyful and hospitable community.

The Abbey is illuminated by the rising sun.  It looks like it will be a beautiful Saturday.