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Easter Greetings from Conception Abbey.  Christ is Risen, Alleluia!!!

Our day began pretty early today.  I woke up at 3:40am and got ready in order to serve as MC at the 4:30am Vigil.  Gathering in the dark of night, we had excellent weather in order to have our Easter fire outdoors.  The procession ensued as monks, seminarians, and guests processed into the dark Basilica, which soon began to fill with candle light, divided and passed to each person from the Paschal Candle.  Br. Macario did a fine job singing the Exultet.  We read all seven Old Testament readings, and the cantors sang the Responsorial Psalms after each reading without accompaniment.  The lights came on during the Gloria, a very powerful moment during a very powerful liturgy.  The Vigil concluded at 7:20am and we had a festive reception.  Seminarians have Easter Monday off, and classes resume Easter Tuesday.

May the Risen Lord fill your hearts with peace and joy this Easter season!

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