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Below are a collection of various nature pictures that I took during this Easter week. The grass is now nice and green and the trees are beginning to bloom and get some color. We have experienced a nice combination of sunshine and rain this week.
740_740_IMG_5591 740_740_IMG_5607 740_740_IMG_5841 740_740_IMG_5847 740_740_IMG_5854 740_740_IMG_5858 740_740_IMG_5862 740_740_IMG_5863 740_740_IMG_5864 740_740_IMG_5865 740_IMG_5460 740_IMG_5461  740_IMG_5463 740_IMG_5464 740_IMG_5557 740_IMG_5589 740_IMG_5833 740_IMG_5926 740_IMG_5927 740_IMG_5939 740_IMG_5948