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May Day is an annual community-wide team-oriented sports and activity day held at Conception Seminary College which fosters fraternity, promotes physical fitness, and builds the framework for friendly competition.  Alumni from year’s past have great memories of May Day during their time at Conception Seminary.

The night before, seminarians are usually up to no good and are pulling off pranks.  There were several entertaining pranks this year.  A common target are the picture boards in St. Joseph Hall.  Each seminarian and monk got a superhero or Star Wars character over their picture.

20140508-135412.jpg 20140508-135422.jpg

Below:  Many “post-it” notes showed up all over St. Maur Hall and throughout campus.  In addition, large amounts of yarn were strung between trees, benches, etc.
Below:  Cut-outs of Fr. Thomas and Fr. Ralph guard the entry to St. Maur Hall.
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