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The monks are getting settled in their temporary residence in St. Joseph Hall. I wanted to get more pictures posted of us moving out of the monastery last week, a historical event that will now be known simply as, “The Move.” Again, it was the efforts of seminarians and monks to help the move goes so well. It was truly a joyful and exciting time, which reflects positively on the spirit of our monastic community.
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After the “heavy lifting” was done, we were able to take some pictures, highlighting the “lighter” side of the move.

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This week, for many of us, it is back to work in the office as usual. However, some of the monks are assigned to continue moving furniture and the few main items that were left before the demolition crews come in to begin their work. Br. Etienne and Fr. Victor told me that they had to take the refectory tables to the auction barn. Apparently the tables were incredibly heavy and they seemed disappointed that I was not around to help out. Hopefully the new tables will be lighter.