Summer Storms

Storms continue to sweep across northwestern Missouri, dropping a good amount of rain in the process. Yesterday evening we had another storm bring loud thunder and flashes of lightning. It was not the first time this week that we have had quite the showing of the forces of nature. Here is the official rainfall for […]

Battling it Out

Br. Maximilian approached me yesterday afternoon and asked if I would like to play the game Battleship after Compline.  On his recent vacation with his family, he acquired the 1984 version of Electronic Battleship from his grandparents.  The game is in pristine condition.  I could not pass up an offer like that.  When he turned on the game […]

Summer in the Monastery

These summer evenings have been very serene. Not convinced? Just take a look at the picture of the sunset below. The monks involved in the seminary have a well deserved break from the rigors of the academic year (the seminarians appreciate it too). But, prayer and work continue, even if there are not as many […]

Post-Camp Recovery Mode

I had been running around with the high school staff members since Thursday morning when they arrived. There were 20 of them this year, a great turnout of young men who came ready to serve and help out wherever needed. I dread the planning work that goes into putting together a weekend youth camp. But, […]

Companion Camp Craziness

Since Thursday morning, my life has been dedicated to the success of this Companion Camp weekend. So far it is going really well, we had a variety of games last night. We already had an epic water balloon fight and will race on the 72 foot inflatable obstacle course more this afternoon. Please pray for […]

Companion Camp Kicks Off

The Companion Camp High School Staff arrived this morning.  Let the games begin.  It is my 10th year being involved in our annual Companion Camp.  Many of those years I have served as the Camp Director, which is where I find myself again this year.  It is an exhausting and time consuming weekend, but very […]

Demolition: Part Two

The demolition work inside the monastery is progressing quickly. Br. Maximilian braved the dust and took these pictures of the working being done during the past week. For the monks, who would see these rooms and hallways on a daily basis, it is quite a surprise to see the extent of the demolition work. It […]

Demolition: Part One

The past two days have been really windy, but this is nothing special around the Abbey, where 24 wind turbines turn daily. But, there has been a lot of dust blowing in the air from the demolition work done inside the monastery and near a surrounding building. Crews continue to remove old walls and flooring […]

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!  A special word of thanks goes out to all fathers.  Our fathers have a strong and formative role in our lives from an early age.  We also recognize others who have had a paternal influence and formed us into the people we are today. As the foster father of Jesus Christ, St. Joseph […]