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The monks of Conception Abbey started posting a “Photo of the Day” beginning on June 4, 2013.  A year has past, and the photos have become very popular on our Facebook page, where they are featured.  Here are some from the past year.

740_IMG_0083 740_IMG_0125  740_IMG_0202 740_IMG_0260 740_IMG_0270 740_IMG_0278 740_IMG_0429 740_IMG_0583 740_IMG_0628 740_IMG_0676 740_IMG_0749 740_IMG_0765 740_IMG_0783 740_IMG_0858 740_IMG_0885 740_IMG_0912 740_IMG_0928 740_IMG_0952 740_IMG_0982 740_IMG_0990 740_IMG_1018 740_IMG_1019 740_IMG_1138 740_IMG_1223 740_IMG_1225 740_IMG_1230 740_IMG_1384 740_IMG_1403 740_IMG_1416 740_IMG_1441 740_IMG_1444 740_IMG_1567 740_IMG_1715 740_IMG_1766 740_IMG_2053 740_IMG_2135 740_IMG_2138 740_IMG_2148 740_IMG_2368 740_IMG_2476