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I had been running around with the high school staff members since Thursday morning when they arrived. There were 20 of them this year, a great turnout of young men who came ready to serve and help out wherever needed. I dread the planning work that goes into putting together a weekend youth camp. But, when all the campers arrive (37 this year), I remember again the reason why we go through all the work. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even if some of us are completely exhausted on Monday. The kids played games and participated in countless activities. Morning and evening prayer, and Mass, sanctified the days, but it all culminated on Saturday evening when we had a powerful Adoration and Reconciliation service.

I received an email from one camper today, which sums it all up. It reads:

Dear Conception Seminary College,
I was at the recent camp during the 20th to the 22nd of This June and just wanted comment on a job well done. I really enjoyed the camp directors, staff, meals, living spaces, and the camp its self. If I weren’t going to be in high school in a year I would love to attend again. I will most likely be coming back next year as a staff member to enjoy all the fun again! Thank You for all the work you guys did to make such a great year.

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