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These summer evenings have been very serene. Not convinced? Just take a look at the picture of the sunset below. The monks involved in the seminary have a well deserved break from the rigors of the academic year (the seminarians appreciate it too). But, prayer and work continue, even if there are not as many people on campus.  I particularly enjoy these days with more daylight.  After Compline I try to get out on the bike for a while.  I am able to get in a nice one-hour ride before sunset.  I took the picture below after my ride on Wednesday evening.  I am training for a few different races next month.

Yesterday evening eight of us monks got together for a little impromptu game night.  We played a few dice and card games, then ended with a couple competitive games of Catch Phrase.  It is the game where a word appears on the screen, which is viewed only by one person, and he tries to get his teammates to say the word on the screen, without saying it himself.  Br. Jude, who teaches English in the seminary and has an extensive vocabulary, is incredibly good at the game- it is almost scary how good he is.  Unfortunately, he was on the other team.  We shared some good laughs.  The joys of community life!

A few of us have also been following the USA Soccer team and the FIFA World Cup.  Br. Justin and I watched parts of the Germany v. USA game yesterday afternoon.  Hopefully the USA can get past Belgium on Tuesday.  Since the World Cup only occurs every four years, I allows myself a little time to watch the games live, assuming it can fit into my schedule.

Lastly, after Sunday, we will have celebrated four Solemnities in an eight day period (Corpus Christi, St. John the Baptist, Sacred Heart, Sts. Peter and Paul).  Since Sunday, Sts. Peter and Paul, is my “Namesday,” I will have Mass in the Basilica for the community.  I will be able to wear the red chasuble that the parishioners at Sts. John and Paul purchased for me for my ordination.

Below: Out on the road. Beautiful country.