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Br. Maximilian approached me yesterday afternoon and asked if I would like to play the game Battleship after Compline.  On his recent vacation with his family, he acquired the 1984 version of Electronic Battleship from his grandparents.  The game is in pristine condition.  I could not pass up an offer like that.  When he turned on the game and it made its patented “sonar”-like noises, I immediately reverted to memories of my childhood.  I was caught in a time warp in the early 90’s and I was playing one of my brothers again.  How strange that old school boardgames can have such an impact on us.

I won the first game, but Br. Maximilian came back and won the second game.  I’m sure we will finish the series in the days ahead.

Below:  Br. Maximilian poses with the game box.

Below:  Game play gets intense, the glasses come off.