Life in Christ

I finally finished a little “music” video of the monks the other day and I posted it on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.  I was pleased with how it turned out.  So, if you did not see it there, I am posting it on the blog as well. Advertisements

Cooler Temps, Work, and Construction

I was surprised to find that it cooled off a lot over the evening. At 7:45am this morning, it was 55 degrees. Today is turning out to be a gorgeous day, but it is rather strange weather for late-July. The farmers say they can use some more rain in the days ahead.  However, the crops […]

Office Space

There are six offices in the top floor of St. Raphael Hall for our Development and Communications staff.  Today we moved out of our offices in order to use the spaces more efficiently.  While the monastery is being renovated, the monks have had to be creative with their use of space.  So, having undergone the big […]

Monastery Renovation: Hidden Treasures

Since the monastery renovation has begun, workers have uncovered several interesting pieces of historical significance.  With such an extensive renovation to a historic building like the monastery, there’s no telling what they would find. Here are a few examples of some recent finds. Below:  Murals discovered a few months ago on the 4th floor when […]

Swim, Bike, Run

Do monks get to pursue their hobbies and interest in the monastery? Yes, is the short answer.  We obviously have to get permission and it cannot be too extravagant. On Saturday morning, for the third year in a row, I participated in the Cameron YMCA Triathlon (Cameron, MO). It was a gorgeous and cool morning […]

All the Colors

It has been a beautiful week of cooler temperatures in the 70’s. All of the monks have enjoyed it immensely. On this day nine years ago, I was received into the community as a postulant. I remember the feelings of excitement and of simply desiring to do what I thought God was asking me to […]

Priests Softball Game

Fr. Victor and I traveled to the T-Bones Stadium in Kansas City, Kansas to play in the 1st Annual Pitching for Priests softball game. I have been looking forward to this game for weeks, and it did not disappoint. First of all, there was a good group of people tailgating before the game. The weather […]

Game Day

I enjoyed traveling to Macon, Missouri to cover weekend Masses for Fr. Dave Viet.  The parish community was very hospitable and I had one of the best meals in a long time at a parishioner’s home on Saturday evening.  Two seminarians from the Diocese of Jefferson City were also in town to begin their week […]

Feast of St. Benedict

Today is the Feast of St. Benedict. However, our monastery observes it as a “Feast,” but give greater solemnity to the Transitus (passing) of St. Benedict, which is celebrated on March 21. Nevertheless, we call upon St. Benedict’s intercession:  Stir up in your Church, O Lord, the spirit that animated our Father Saint Benedict, that […]

Operation: Renovation

Br. Maximilian provides us with today’s pictures from inside the monastery. The renovation process proceeds as workers continue the demolition process. Below:  One of the stairways is removed, leaving quite the drop-off below. Above: The monastery’s “treasures” are stored away from harm’s way.