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There are six offices in the top floor of St. Raphael Hall for our Development and Communications staff.  Today we moved out of our offices in order to use the spaces more efficiently.  While the monastery is being renovated, the monks have had to be creative with their use of space.  So, having undergone the big “move” in May, when the monks moved out of the monastery to St. Joseph residence hall, those who work in the Development offices had plenty of heavy lifting to do again today.

In the shuffle, I went from having a office in the back corner, which had another office as its anteroom, to having my own individual office on the other side of the building.  They are only separated by a mere 50 feet max, but it still required getting all of the furniture out and doing some serious organization.  Three of the ladies with whom I work took different offices as well.

A few of the monks and one vocation guest helped out in the morning and we had to unscrew and separate some of the larger desks in order to fit them through the doorways.

Below:  In the meantime, the furniture had to remain in the large open space until it found its new home.


Below:  We removed one of the desks out of this office, which will now become Jenny Huard’s office, our Director of Communications.20140725-160439-57879068.jpg

Below:  Jenny and Trish analyze the spaces and collect the cords.  There are several desks like this one below, and these are the desks that we had to move.20140725-160440-57880385.jpg20140725-160437-57877782.jpgAbove:  I got my exercise in for the morning.