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I was surprised to find that it cooled off a lot over the evening. At 7:45am this morning, it was 55 degrees. Today is turning out to be a gorgeous day, but it is rather strange weather for late-July.

The farmers say they can use some more rain in the days ahead.  However, the crops are looking great.20140729-100809-36489439.jpg


I finished editing the Summer 2014 issue of Tower Topics!  It is always a great relief to finish the 28 page magazine publication.  Our Printery House is currently printing the pages.  They will assemble some of the copies there, then send the rest to Kansas City to be mailed out to our list of more than 22,000 people!  This issue focus a lot on the monks’ big “move” out of the monastery.


Below:  Jenny Huard, Director of Communications, helps me put the finishing touches on the issue before sending it to the Press.  We have to do some minor color correction as our final task.20140729-101345-36825660.jpg

The monastery renovation and construction work continues.  The next two pictures are the monastery’s west facade, the main entrance (which is the oldest wing to the building).

Workers removed the monastery front door, and a black chute is in place on the 3rd floor window for easy disposal of materials.

20140729-101347-36827010.jpg20140729-100806-36486954.jpg20140729-101348-36828415.jpgAbove:  On the south side of the monastery, workers dig up near the monastery to uncover one of the tunnels that separates from the main tunnel that leads from the garage to the kitchen.  Many outsiders believe that the tunnel travels further to some secret and unknown destination.  Is that really true??  I’ll let it remain a mystery.

20140729-100808-36488325.jpgAbove:  The work on the new garage area is shaping up nicely.