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On Saturday evening, the monks began taking their meals in a new location. We had been eating in the seminarian dining room, but since many of the seminarians return in one week, we had to vacate their space and find our own new location. Obviously none of this would be an issue if the monastery was not undergoing a major renovation. This is where our flexibility and creativity must come into play. The monks have to adapt to their environment.

We are now eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in what was the old Book Bindery.  The equipment and supplies were cleared out so that our oak tables could be put arrange in the close quarters.  The space is significantly smaller than the old monastic refectory and the seminarian dining room, but we do not have many options during this year of flux.

The monks’ buffet line is now our in the hallway of the 3rd floor of St. Joseph Hall.  We can no longer use both sides of the buffet line because of the narrow hallway, so it takes twice as long for all of the monks to make their way through.  Though it has taken some getting used to, we will adapt and try to bear all things joyfully!