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The workers continue the demolition and construction of the monastery.  From the outside, one can observe the replacement of windows and window frames.  Where windows have been removed, some boards block the frame, but elsewhere the windows wells are left wide open for any bird or creature to find a new home.  The area around the monastery still has a lot of gravel, heavy machinery, and caution tape.

The monastic community, meanwhile, proceeds with life as usual.  We keep to our new living quarters in St. Joseph Hall, which have proved to be satisfactory.  I will post pictures from the progress of the inside of the monastery in the days ahead.

Things in the seminary are going well, as we are already several weeks into the semester.  Friday and Saturday is our Alumni Reunion, so be ready for pictures and updates from that event.



Above and Below:  Ground dug out down to the foundation on the south side of the monastery near the Health Care Center.20140918-085044-31844415.jpg

Below:  Br. Jude examines one of the tunnels which is now exposed underneath the sidewalk.20140918-085047-31847097.jpg20140918-085048-31848380.jpgAbove:  The setting sun shines through the main monastery hallway and out to the back porch.