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I have been coaching the seminary volleyball team for the past few weeks.  Our tournament against other seminaries is on October 18.  In order to prepare them for the games, I wanted to take them to a Northwest Missouri State Women’s Volleyball game to show them some “real volleyball.”

The Bearcats are a talented group and this evening they were taking on Missouri Western State University.  It is fun to watch volleyball played well.  The seminarians were amazed by the spiking power.  Some of them commented that they really wanted to play the women’s team, but I told them they would get destroyed.

A parishioner from St. Gregory’s in Maryville was gracious enough to get us free tickets to the came.  I think the Northwest college students were surprised to see a priest and thirteen well dressed seminarians enter the arena.

After the second game of a best-of-five, four of the seminarians were asked to participate in an entertainment “relay race” with other groups on campus.  It involved a piggy-back ride, wheelbarrow race, and log rolls.  They were the only ones competing in slacks and a collared shirt.  Needless to say it was incredibly entertaining.

We departed before the end of the game, but the Bearcats ended up losing 2 games to 3.  I promised the seminarians that we would go to Dairy Queen, and I did not want to get back to campus too late.