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Saturday, Oct. 18– The long awaited Seminary Soccer-Volleyball Tournament is just around the corner.  The seminarians are getting excited about it all.  The six team round robin volleyball tournament begins at 7:00PM and will have teams from St. Joseph’s College Seminary (Chicago, IL), St. Meinrad (St. Meinrad, IN), St. Gregory the Great Seminary (Seward, NE), Josephinum (Columbus, OH), and two Conception Seminary teams (Conception, MO).

We have been practice for over a month and a half.  Yesterday evening was the last practice before the tournament.  I gave the seminarians their new team jerseys and had them pose for team photos.  Seminarians find ways to make things fun.

IMG_5976 IMG_5979 IMG_5984 IMG_5987 IMG_5993 IMG_5997 IMG_6003


In addition to the fun photos from last night’s practice, we also took some “promotional” photos that we put on posters and placed around campus in order to get people excited for the game.  Today, the seminarians were able to wear their jerseys over their class day attire polos.

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