1,500 Miles…and Counting

As the temperatures get cooler, I am happy to announce that this week I reached my 1,500 mile biking goal for the year.  All of my bike rides for the year began at the Abbey.  The outdoor biking season is not necessarily over, but I prefer not to bike in temperatures below 50 degrees, especially if the wind is blowing.  Biking has provided great exercise and a nice break from sedentary office work.

Here are some fun facts for the year.

  • My first ride of the year was on February 22.
  • As of today, I logged 78 individual rides, averaging 19.5 miles per ride.
  • My longest ride was 67.5 miles.
  • September was my best month, with 362 miles.
  • My top speed was 43 miles per hour.
  • An overwhelming majority of my rides were alone, but I did bike with 4 different individuals throughout the year.
  • I was featured twice in local newspapers.  Once in August for taking 1st in a local triathlon, and once when I biked to my parish assignment in September.

What do the winter months hold for an avid cyclist?  Since I am not a fan of cold temperatures, I have a bike trainer, so I spin inside and still benefit from the exercise. However, nothing quite beats being outdoors and cruising down the road.

Below:  Video from my recent ride.

Below:  A few pictures from the road on my most recent ride.






If you see a cyclist on the road, give him some space and pass carefully!


Published by Fr. Etienne Huard, O.S.B.

Fr. Etienne is a monk and priest of Conception Abbey. Currently he serves as the monastery's Vocation Director.

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