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Yesterday at 2:45pm it was 70 degrees outside.  Later that night it was 31 degrees.

No thank you.  I was not ready for that.

Knowing that it was going to get colder today, I went out yesterday for what might be my last bike ride outside for the season.  It was comfortable, but a bit windy.  However, on my way back, the wind from the north picked up significantly.  In fact, it was blowing so hard, it was kind of scary.  I was afraid a big gust of wind was going to tip me over and throw me into the ditch.  On top of that, the breeze was very cool.  The temperature had dropped quite a bit in the one hour that I was out.

Below:  I captured this picture of the setting sun from my room.  I had my camera in my office, so I ran downstairs to get it, and by the time I got back, this was the most I could capture.  That sun sure sets fast!IMG_7664

Below:  This morning there was this strange white residue on the Basilica roof.  Snow?  You can’t be serious.

Below:  Get out the coat racks and winter coats!  The monks have their coat rack in the stairwell in St. Joseph Hall.IMG_7673

Current temperature at 9:15am:  24 degrees (weather.com says it feels like 9 degrees!)