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The best way to stay warm these days is to stay busy.  Everyone is still getting used to the cold weather, it came on rather quickly.

Yesterday evening we had another beautiful sunset.  I took the picture out of my window on the 5th floor of St. Joseph Hall.IMG_7678IMG_7681

The other day I had finished all that I was going to be able to complete in the office.  So, I headed out on the trail to the Marian Grotto.  It is a beautiful walk, but the wind has a bit of a bite to it when it is only in the upper-20’s.  I had not made the walk in months.  I appreciated the fresh air, well, until I had to turn around and face the wind.IMG_0269.JPGIMG_0273.JPG


Below:  I forgot to post these next two pictures from last weekend.  On Sunday afternoon, during the Seminary’s Encounter with God’s Call weekend, Fr. Macario and I gave a talk on Monastic Life.  Fr. Macario explains what drew him to enter Conception Abbey.  My promotional pop-up stand is in the background!IMG_0259.JPGIMG_0243.JPG


Below:  Wednesday evening, I taught the high school religion class at St. Columba’s parish in Conception Junction.  I taught them about the Mass.  After administering a quiz, I made a few of the group dress up as priests, monks, and servers.  I explained the different vestments to everyone.  Their classmates were humored by their new look.IMG_0274.JPG