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The past few days have been filled with many activities:  Community meetings, celebrations, and a festive meal.  The monks of Conception Abbey have many things for which we are thankful.

Below:  Abbot Gregory leads the community in a series of meetings and discussions.IMG_7842 IMG_7846

Below:  Fr. Macario keeps his head warm with an interesting looking hat as he makes his way to the community meeting held in St. Gabriel Hall.

Below:  Br. Bernard walks over to St. Gabriel Hall on a day that was cool, but otherwise pleasant.IMG_7856

Below: Novice Eric and Fr. Sebastian visit outside during one of the break times.IMG_7872

Wednesday evening after Compline we had our “Gaudeamus” (Let us rejoice).  It is the social time dedicated to honoring our four jubilarians.  The novices, Br. David, and I organized the evening entertainment.  We had some friendly Jubilarian team competition.

The first game featured a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “Spot the Difference.”  Competitors were show two side by side seemingly identical pictures, except that the picture on the right was modified in one way or another.  The first person to ring the bell and identify the picture alteration earned one point for his team.

Can you “Spot the Difference” in the pictures below?

IMG_3050IMG_3050 copy
IMG_6560IMG_6560 copy   IMG_6663IMG_6663 copy
IMG_9294IMG_9294 copy

Below:  All Jubilarians, like Fr. Kenneth pictured here, were given paper crowns (Benedictine medals were printed over the Burger King logos)IMG_7886

The second part of the entertainment featured a quiz about information related to the four different Jubilarians.  Each table formed a team and could work on it together.IMG_7894 IMG_7898 IMG_7902IMG_7911 IMG_7921 IMG_7923 IMG_7934 IMG_7948


It was an evening of entertainment and thanksgiving for everyone!