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It was a beautiful weekend at the Abbey as we move into the Advent Season, a season characterized by waiting for the coming of Christ.  There is also great excitement at the Abbey as we inaugurate the Year of Consecrated Life.  Pope Francis has called this year as a time for a renewal and recognizing the numerous contributions religious men and women have made in the Church and the world.  He exhorts us to “Wake up the world!”  Conception Abbey will participate in various ways for this very special year.

Below:  Calm waters across the lake Saturday afternoon before Vespers I of Advent.IMG_0462.JPG


Above:  The monks pray Vespers I of Advent.
Below:  The Basilica and Advent wreath after Vespers.IMG_0465.JPG


Below:  A video of Abbot Gregory talking about the hope he has for the Year of Consecrated Life.

Below:  The vigil light burns in front of the icon of St. Benedict as a reminder to pray for vocations.  Several holy cards are available for monks and guests to take to pray for vocations to our community.