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On Monday some of the seminarians wanted to take their annual Christmas picture.  I took a picture for them last year, which was in the style of an “Awkward Family photo.”  The seminarians donned some pretty hideous sweaters and sent out the cards to family and friends.  This year they wanted to wear cassocks and Santa hats, and give it a “Christmas from the Men in Black” look.  We took the picture outside in the woods behind St. Gabriel’s Guesthouse.

They did both the serious and comical poses.

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They posted some of the results on Facebook for their family and friends to see, and someone used one of my pictures for “Catholic Memes.”  The photo, with the caption, “We’re here to put Christ back into Christmas!” essentially went viral with nearly 900 shares and 5,900 likes.



A little bit of Holiday fun!

Yesterday afternoon we had our going away party for Fr. Ralph (a priest of the Archdiocese of Omaha), the Vice-Rector and Dean of Students of Conception Seminary.  He has been with us for the past 5 years and will be taking a new assignment with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C.  Fr. Ralph has brought much joy and enthusiasm to our community and we wish him well.

Below:  Pictures from the reception.

IMG_8352 IMG_8362 IMG_8364 IMG_8366 IMG_8384 IMG_8399 IMG_8401 IMG_8408

Below:  Fr. Ralph (left) and Fr. Samuel (right)IMG_8438

Last, but not least, the seminarians had a music and talent evening in the Alumni Union yesterday.  The show exhibited seminarians playing  a variety of music, reciting poetry and even some comical acts.  It was an enjoyable evening of entertainment.  They are a talent group of men.

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