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Fr. Samuel and I, along with 10 seminarians from Conception Seminary flew to Washington D.C. for March for Life. It was a day of many blessings as we prayed and witnessed for the dignity of life. I was grateful to cross paths with seminary classmates and good friends from Sts. John and Paul parish in Pennsylvania where I helped out during my final year in seminary.
2015/01/img_1076.jpgAbove:  The group arrives at Ronald Reagan airport, and we wait for the metro to take us to our lodging.2015/01/img_1085.jpgAbove: We attended the Vigil Mass at the National Basilica Shrine.  It was a misty, but beautiful evening.2015/01/img_1080.jpgAbove:  I ran into my classmate Fr. Maximilian before the Vigil Mass and we were able to sit next to one another.  I had not seen Fr. Max since September 2013.  This is the first time we saw one another since both of us were priests!2015/01/img_1079.jpgAbove:  The Basilica is absolutely stunning.2015/01/img_1094.jpgAbove:  Thursday morning at the DC Armory, we prepare for the youth Mass.  Cardinal DiNardo is the principal celebrant and the bishops and priest vested in this room.

Below:  Mass at the DC Armory.  What you see is just a portion of the people inside.  I imagine there were 10,000 or so here, but many more at the Verizon Center for Mass.2015/01/img_1095.jpg

2015/01/img_1100.jpgAbove:  Seminarian, Doug Leikam shows off the signs for Conception Seminary.

Below:  The entire group gathers before the March.2015/01/img_1105.jpg

Below:  Fr. Ralph O’Donnell, former Vice Rector, joins the group for the March.  Fr. Ralph now works in Washington, D.C. for the United States Bishops.2015/01/img_1108.jpg

2015/01/img_1115.jpgAbove:  Surrounded by two wonderful women:  Sr. Annie Bremmer of Pittsburgh, PA and my mother!2015/01/img_1117.jpg

2015/01/img_1125.jpgAbove:  So many people gathered to witness to the great gift of life!