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It is the middle of March.  The seminarians put on their annual seminary talent night, also known as, “Coffee Shop Night.”  The evening of entertainment featured a variety of acts featuring seminarians and monks:  comedy skits, musical acts, and even videos.  It is a nice time for the Abbey and Seminary community to gather and enjoy the evening together.

Above:  “President-Rector to be” Fr. Brendan Moss, addresses the audience at the beginning with some words about the importance of joy and mercy. We look forward to Fr. Brendan taking office in July.

Below:  Seminarians demonstrate their “beat-box” skills.

Below: Seminarian Nick performs a song he wrote.  He took 3rd place overall.

Below: Br. Cyprian and Fr. Peter get the crowd laughing with a comedy routine.

Below:  Cruz Gallegos and company perform a song they wrote.

Below:  The “Conceptones” give a new rendition of Psalm 133.