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It takes the coordination and help of many people in order to put together one of the most beautiful Easter Vigils around.  The Vigil at Conception Abbey begins in complete darkness and silence at 4:30am Easter Sunday.  The Easter fire is lit outside in front of the Basilica.

This afternoon the Sacristan, Br. Bernard, was getting everything ready and going through his lists to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything.  The Master of Ceremonies had their practices with the servers earlier today.  And, the schola (choir) and musicians were warming up and practicing in the Basilica.

Here are a few liturgical items that we will use at our Easter Vigil.

Above: This year’s Easter candle.
Below:  The Engelberg chalice that is used only on special solemn feast days.

Below:  The metal crozier that Abbot Gregory will use.  I believe this crozier originally belonged to Abbot Philip Ruggle.

We even need flowers to decorate the Basilica.  We ordered about 50 Easter lilies, but Postulant Luke and Brother Blaise went around looking for flowers to use in an arrangement.
Above:  Postulant Luke, 10 days into living the monastic life, and still has a great smile.
Below:  Brother Blaise, probably the reason why Postulant Luke is laughing.  
Below:  The magnolias are in full bloom.