Evergreene Architectural Arts of New York (the company that restored our murals in the basilica) will restore the Beuronese murals in the refectory and add several new murals in both the refectory and the chapter room.  They have also advised the community in applying decorations around the walls of those same rooms and around some doorways of the 1st floor.  One Artist from Evergreene arrived on site to do the much needed work.

Below:  The brick in the chapter room floor is being laid.IMG_2160

Below:  One of the monastery refectory murals in need of restoration.IMG_2164 IMG_2169 IMG_2171 IMG_2178 IMG_2185
IMG_2309IMG_2191 IMG_2208

Below:  Center stairwell IMG_2230 IMG_2254 IMG_2291