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Saturday morning we had the 20th annual Abbey Trails 5K run/2 mile walk.  This year’s event drew a slightly smaller crowd that previous years, probably mostly due to the weather.  The threat of rain may have discouraged casual participants from attending.  While it rained before and after the event, there was only a light rain during part of the event.

We had 69 runners in the 5K and 96 in the walk.  All the proceeds from the event benefit health and wellness initiatives on campus.

The best thing about our 2 mile walk is that winners are not based on speed, but on how closely they can predict their 2 mile walk time.  Each walker submits how fast he or she think they will walk the distance.  This year, the overall winner of the walkers was only 2 seconds off her prediction.

Click here for a full list of results

All participants were invited to the brunch and health fair after the race in St. Michael’s Gymnasium.  The winners of each age group were awarded their medals.

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