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The construction on the monastery is coming along rather nicely.  The art in the monastic refectory, chapter room, and hallways is serving to adorn the new space, making it a place which glorifies God through its beauty.

Br. Michael is coordinating the artistic efforts and finishing some of the work begun by the professional artists.

Below:  The refectory murals are restored and the new borders are in place.

IMG_2480 IMG_2482

Above and Below:  Latin inscriptions above most of the doorways.  This one is in the monastic refectory.IMG_2821IMG_2485

Above and Below:  Mural of St. Benedict in the chapter room.IMG_2490 IMG_2491

Above and Below:  Mural of C in the chapter room.IMG_2494 IMG_2502

Above:  Br. Michael works on the stenciling that continues around the entirety of the chapter room above the columns.


Above and Below:  Detail shots of the design and the lettering.IMG_2511

Below:  Br. Anselm assists Br. Michael with the inscription above the recreation room doorway by serving as a “supervisor”IMG_2846