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We’re back in the Monastery!

The monastic community made the move on Monday, June 15th.  While much of the work occurred on that day, there is still plenty of moving and cleaning going on.  Everyone is adjusting well to a familiar environment with a completely new look.

Workers still roam the hallways giving necessary attention to touch-up work here and there, and probably many technical issues that I admit are beyond my competency.  The basement and the 4th floor still need a fair amount of work, but the residence floors (2nd and 3rd) and the common rooms (1st floor) are finished.  It will take some time to work out a few of the minor issues, but the monastery is comfortable, and most importantly, safe.  We are especially grateful to all of our friends and benefactors who have supported us throughout this renovation.  We look forward to welcoming you into our home in the months ahead.

Below:  Br. Cyprian does a little bit of cleaning on the stairwell.  The monks decided to do the cleaning themselves to save money.IMG_5019

Below:  The coffee and mail room in working order.IMG_5024 IMG_5025

Below:  The refectory (monks’ dining room) has nice new oak tables and chairs.  It is artistically very pleasant.IMG_5029

Below:  The community recreation rooms are already finding plenty of use.IMG_5055

Above:  Temporary nameplates adore the top of the doors.  A more permanent fixture will be in place soon.

Below:  Br. Michael and Fr. Pachomius began hanging the artwork in the monastery this week.IMG_5061

Below:  The new Mass and reservation chapel.  Abbot Gregory celebrated the first Mass in the chapel on the Feast of John the Baptist and now the Blessed Sacrament is reserved for adoration.IMG_5074 IMG_5083 IMG_5086 IMG_5089

Below: The chapter room with recently installed crucifix and murals.IMG_5093

Below:  The cloister doors in the west hallway
IMG_5203IMG_5162 IMG_5174  IMG_5205