The new students arrive for seminary orientation in less than two weeks. There are many small projects to complete before then. I was recently appointed as chaplain to the Freshman class, so this year I will reside in St. Michael’s Hall with the incoming Freshmen. 

The chaplain quarters needed a little work, so Postulant Adam and I are working on re-painting the walls. 

We have had three monastery vocation guests visit this past week. We put them to work on some of the projects. Br. Placid and one guest placed the brick around the large tree in the St. Joseph plaza area. It turned out very nice. 

Hopefully the rain holds off for a while. The weather record for the year showed that we have had more than 31 inches of rain for the year by the end of July. 

Please pray for all those seminarians preparing to arrive shortly; enrollment looks like it will be close to 110!