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These past few days have been filled with God’s many blessings.
On August 14, Novice Adam Haake, a priest of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, who has discerned a call to monastic life at Conception Abbey, is testing that call in the novitiate.  During this one year period of discernment, he will pray and work as one of the monks and see if God is leading him toward profession in our monastic community.  Please keep him in your prayers.
IMG_6559 IMG_6564 IMG_6568

Above:  Novice Adam is clothed with the tunic and short scapular.
Below:  Novice Adam receives a copy of the Rule of St. Benedict.
IMG_6571 IMG_6580

The following day, after completing his one year novitiate, Novice Eric made simple vows (for 3 years).  As part of the ceremony, he receives a new name from the Abbot.  Novice Eric became “Brother Luke”, named after the 3rd Evangelist, St. Luke.  It is wonderful to have Brother Luke in our midst.

Above:  Brother Luke signs his profession document on the altar.
Below:  Brother Luke is greeted by Abbot Gregory with the sign of peace.IMG_6627 IMG_6633

Below:  Brother Luke and his family.IMG_6650

Continuing the festivities on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15), the monks had another open-house.  This one was specifically for the family of the monks.  All were able to tour the first two floors of the newly renovated monastery.IMG_6703

Above:  Br. Etienne gives a tour to his mother and brother.
Below:  Br. Maximilian and the Burkhart clan take over the monastic refectory.IMG_6705 IMG_6715 IMG_6716 IMG_6726 IMG_6734 IMG_6739

Last, but not least:  August 15 is a special day for many of the monks.  In recent years, it is the day when monks make their profession of vows.  Gathered below in this picture are the monks who professed on this day.  All are lined up in order of when they professed vows.Kral_16

Br. Thomas, 1969
Br. Bernard and Fr. Martin (not pictured), 1970
Br. Justin, 1973
Br. Jude, 1986
Br. Jeremiah, 1997
Br. Elias, 1998
Fr. Pachomius, 2002
Fr. Guerric, 2003
Fr. Macario, 2004
Br. David and Fr. Victor, 2005
Fr. Paul, 2006
Br. Placid, 2008
Br. Maximilian, 2009
Br. Etienne, 2010
Br. Luke, 2015