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If the wind doesn’t blow all of the leaves off of the trees, then we’ll be able to enjoy the nice colors for a little longer. This year’s fall colors are no disappointment. Campus is looking great as the temperatures drop. This morning it was close to freezing temperature, but forecasts say Sunday and Monday could show temperatures in the 70’s.  At this time of the year, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Some of the pictures below were taken from a little bit of height.  A local neighbor, Darrell Schieber, who is an electrician, sent me up in his bucket lift to get some interesting angles.  Enjoy!IMG_9738 IMG_9747 IMG_9820 IMG_9847 IMG_9861 IMG_9864 IMG_9898 IMG_9904 IMG_9912 IMG_9927

Another nice color around here is blue.  Due to our proximity to Kansas City, Missouri, we have been cheering on the Royals in the World Series.  Good luck, KC!