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Some recent rain has brought the nice green color out in the grass and signs of spring are starting to bud everywhere. After yesterday’s rain, the sun came out later in the afternoon and campus looks beautiful at sunset. This aerial shot captures all of the buildings on campus.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0097.JPG

In the monastery chapter room, the Tuesday evening conferences for the Year of Mercy continued. Yesterday Br. Jude gave his conference to the monastic community on the corporal/spiritual work of mercy “To bury the dead” and “To pray for the living and the dead.”


The monastery Tuesday evening custom of haustus continued in the monastic dining room, where the monks gathered for refreshments and supper. The food provided is simpler during these weeks in order to keep with the penitential practices of Lent, but there is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the company of brothers.IMG_2447IMG_2450IMG_2451IMG_2452