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Every year the different classes in the seminary college will organize a class outing. Usually these occur in the spring semester, particularly when the weather is nicer. The freshmen class traveled to Lake Viking to the home of friends of mine. They were generous enough to allow the 25 of us to spend most of the day at their beautiful place.

The weather was absolutely perfect, 75 degrees and sunny. Though the water was too cold to swim in (though that didn’t stop some from jumping in), the men enjoyed the peaceful environment outdoors and took turns using the two kayaks. There were plenty of activities inside, but the majority of the seminarians could not pass up being outside, sitting on the dock, playing catch with a baseball in the yard, or having a bonfire in the evening.

Three of the seminarians cooked a delicious supper- chicken fajitas and quesadillas, as well as hamburgers on the grill.

It was a great time to relax before final exams and everyone goes their separate ways for the summer.